Documentary FAQ

Q: When is this movie coming out?

A: The Pomp Room: A Rock N Roll Bar Story will premiere at the Orpheum Theater in Sioux Falls at 6 p.m. on Saturday, July 30. 

Q: Where can I see this movie?

A: We hope to show this on as many screens as we can. We'll be submitting to film festivals and traveling South Dakota. After that, we will have copies for sale. The best way to lock down one of those will be when our online crowdfunding campaign launches in July. You can preorder the movie there.

Q: Are some of the rewards going to be weird?

A: It's a documentary on a wild and legendary rock 'n roll club so, yeah, some of the rewards might be weird. There will also be normal(ish) rewards like recreations of legendary Pomp Room t-shirts & stickers, newly designed merch, special copies of the film, and other rad stuff.

Q: Why are you making a movie about The Pomp Room?

A: (Long version) There was something magical to us about The Pomp Room, and it's always been clear that we weren't the only people that felt that way. What we didn't realize--and continue to be surprised by--is the number of people that smile when the bar's name comes up. Between the thriving live music that was always part of the place and the all-ages shows of the 90s, The Pomp Room left a mark on multiple generations. It was a rock icon, a place that national acts would play (Aerosmith, Fugazi, Cheap Trick, Marilyn Manson), party at (Metallica, Jake "The Snake" Roberts), or just know that it was the rock mecca in South Dakota.  It was a venue like no other, with a staff and patrons that were closer than lots of actual blood-related families.

(Short version) Holy shit, we loved that place. There's not a month that goes by where we don't miss it.

Q: Yeah, but why you two?

A: Jesse used to play live music on the Pomp stage. Austin went to as many all-ages shows as a high school kid in a small town two hours from Sioux Falls could. We both have amazing and formative memories from The Pomp Room. We really, really love that place. (See more of our history with the Pomp here.)

If you have something Pomp Room that you'd love to share with us, please email us at or on Facebook.We would really appreciate it.

Q: Is this the end of the Q&A even though you've probably forgotten to include at least a couple frequently asked questions?

A: Almost certainly. Keep an eye on things by checking us out on Facebook and Twitter.

Q: You're just going to end with that?

A: Nope. Here's a picture of our beloved bar. May her memory live on forever.



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